Jiffy Lube gift card giveaway!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a giveaway and this time around, I excited to be offering THREE prizes! Three winners will each get a $35 Jiffy Lube gift card and a Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life savings book (with $100 in savings from Jiffy Lube). This contest is sponsored by Jiffy Lube and its Maintenance Partners for Life campaign.

Here are the details on the giveaway:

The giveaway starts today and will end at 11:59 pm CT on Sunday, February 14th. I will announce the three winners on Monday, February 15th. The winners will be chosen randomly using random.org.

You will have 24 hours to provide me with your contact information (when you post to enter, you must leave your e-mail address or some other way for me to contact you!).

Here’s how you can enter to win: (you MUST do the first one in order to “enter” – the rest are bonus entries!)

1. Visit JiffyLubeGoesRed and take the Jiffy Lube Car CheckUp and Go Red Heart CheckUp to assess your vehicle preventive maintenance knowledge and heart health. Visit the Jiffy Lube Fan page and become a fan of Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life. Come back here and make a comment about one of the pages that you visited.

2. Subscribe to my blog (You must activate your subscription to validate your entry). Please post a comment letting me know that you subscribe.

3. Follow my blog through Blogger or on Facebook. Leave an entry letting me know that you subscribe or that you’re following!

4. Blog about the giveaway on your blog. Be sure to come back and post a link to your post!

Please create a separate post for each of your entries. If you win, you need to provide me with some way to contact you. (Remember, if you post a comment as “anonymous” you need to include some sort of identifying information or your entry will not be valid). If you’re accessing this through a live feed somewhere else, you will need to actually come here to enter the giveaway.

Thanks again to Jiffy Lube and its Maintenance Partners for Life campaign for this great giveaway!



  1. It was good to take the Jiffy Lube quiz and be reminded that we should take our cars in WAY more often than we do to really keep them up!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  2. I subscribe to your blog.
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  3. I signed up to follow it through Facebook :-).
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  4. I went to the Jiffy Lube/Heart Health site and read about car maintenance.

  5. I too the Jiffy Lube Quizs and I'm doint great on both!
    melissagmeyer512 atgmaildotcom

  6. I follow through google.
    melissagmeyer512 atgmaildotcom

  7. I am now following your blog. babyslu@yahoo.com

  8. babyslu@yahoo.com says:

    wow. I like the Jiffy Lube going red. Its great when companies give back.

  9. I know I need to pay attention more to the upkeep of my car!!

  10. I subscribe to your blog

  11. I follow your blog

  12. Anonymous says:

    I actually did pretty good on the quiz. It must be thanks to my hubby who always tries to teach me about my car. : )

    jessiuf at yahoo.com

  13. Anonymous says:

    I subscribe by e-mail

    jessiuf at yahoo.com

  14. I learned that they have raised $7365 so far…according to their website! Thanks

  15. email subscriber

  16. blog follower!

  17. It looks like my heart is in better shape than my car… I guess that's a good thing:)

  18. I subscribe to your blog. mrwright5 at gmail dot com

  19. I signed up to follow your blog through facebook. mrwright5 at gmail dot com

  20. Kathy Rambousek says:

    I failed the test, but got a 71%. Not too poorly in my eyes.

    LKARambo at comcast dot net

  21. Kathy Rambousek says:

    Email subscriber

    LKARambo at comcast dot net

  22. Kathy Rambousek says:


    LKARambo at comcast dot net

  23. Lori Sifuentes says:

    I took the quiz and did not do very well.


  24. Lori Sifuentes says:

    Email subscriber.


  25. I'm an email subscriber

  26. Visiting the Jiffy Lube site reminded me that I'm due for an oil change.

  27. Mommysamons says:

    Visiting the Jiffy Lube site reminded me I'm due for a filter change and should change my antifreeze as well.

  28. I took the check up, I need to get my car checked more often than I do! I need to get an oil change so cross my fingers, I hope I win a GC

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  29. email subscriber

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  30. Jiffy Lube reminded me I'm due for an oil change! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  31. Charlotte Prescott says:

    I'm glad to see Jiffy Lube, and other companies, committed to heart health. It's convenient that so many of the things that make our heart healthier also helps the rest of us be healthy, too! I liked their health info section, which is something I never expected to see on a car maintenance site!

  32. I love seeing what a great thing Jiffy Lube is doing and how wonderful is the amount of money they have raised so far to help. Really, it is a blessing!

  33. I am a new email subscriber.

  34. I am a Facebook and Google follower. 🙂
    jlsmith1979 at gmail dot com

  35. Megan- litlearnhardt8@aol.com says:

    I did the quiz and it made me realize that I do not pay enough attention to when things need to be done to my vehicle.

  36. Megan-litlearnhardt8@aol.com says:

    I subscribe via email

  37. Megan-litlearnhardt8@aol.com says:

    I am a follower on facebook

  38. I took the car maintenance quiz and was surprised how well I did. I do love my car a lot.
    masterlock38 at hotmail.com

  39. I am now subscribed to your blog!
    masterlock38 at hotmail.com

  40. I am now following your blog through Blogger!

    masterlock38 at hotmail.com

  41. I posted a blurb about the contest on my infant blog. (I just started it a few days ago). I hope that is does justice.

    masterlock38 at hotmail.com

  42. SO I posted a comment saying I posted about the giveaway on my baby blog, but I forgot to leave a link to it. So here is that part.

    I need some sleep!

    masterlock38 at hotmail.com

  43. I scored 2 red 3 yellow 4 green.
    I need to get better with my car
    angelface041206 at yahoo

  44. Im a subscriber

    angelface041206 at yahoo

  45. Im a follower

    angelface041206 at yahoo

  46. I learned that my only risk factor for heart disease is my weight. Of course, that is a risk factor for all kinds of diseases and problems! It's good to have a reminder though.

  47. I subscribe to your email feed.

    cupcake812 at hotmail dot com

  48. I'm a FB fan!

  49. AmandaRutherford says:

    Hi! Thanks for the offer. I have subscribed to your blog and have taken the jiffy lube assessment. We drive our car to the ground! I was expecting the bad results.

  50. Super Fun Mama says:

    I subscribe through email.

  51. Super Fun Mama says:

    I'm a facbook fan.

  52. Super Fun Mama says:

    I definitely do not pay attention to maintenance for my car…

  53. debbielynne says:

    I learned that W means winter and I don't take good enough care of my vehicle!

    deborahcraft at yahoo dot com

  54. I did both of the check-ups and am a fan on facebook of Jiffy Lube.

    It's amazing that per Facebook, they have already raised nearly $335K!

  55. I subscribe via abbymarie (AT) gmail DOT com.

  56. Follow on blogger

  57. I took the quizzes. Its a good reminder that we need to keep our cars and ourselves in good health for longer lives.
    onlychocolate4me at gmail dot com

  58. I am a FB fan of Jiffy Lube.
    onlychocolate4me at gmail dot com

  59. I am an email subscriber.
    onlychocolate4me at gmail dot com

  60. I took the car quiz and found that I really need to open up that owner's manual!

  61. I just subscribed via google reader.

  62. I just took my car into Jiffy Lube so I'm doing good but I could sure use the gift card.

  63. The Bookworm says:

    I'm a Jiffy Lube Facebook fan, took the quizzes, and found out that driving 5-10 mile round trips is considered severe wear for your car.


  64. The Bookworm says:

    I'm an email subscriber.