It’s Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday! This is an especially happy Friday for me because today is my last day of work before summer vacation! 🙂

Don’t forget to go and get your free Mars chocolate. Click here to sign up.

Click here to get a free sample of Crest Pro Health with Enamel Shield toothpaste (this is my new favorite toothpate!)

I read about this on Balancing Act Basics yesterday. I’ve never heard of these before, but it sounds like a great concept:

Click here to get a free sample pack of Sundiwear stickers. Sundiwear Stickers change from yellow to red, reminding you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen to you or your child.

Thanks DeAna!

And yes….it is most definitely time for another giveaway. Once I get things wrapped up with “my other life” (otherwise known as “work”), I plan on getting two giveaways posted either tonight or tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!


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