Huggies and Pampers bonus points!

If you’re participating in the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards program, here are some new bonus points for you: (each code is worth 5 points)


If you’re participating in the Pampers Gifts to Grow program, here’s a bonus 10 point code: T9PDXPKKGA3M4GK

If you haven’t signed up for these rewards programs yet, you really should!  Both programs are completely free!  You enter codes from the packaging of participating products (or from bonus codes) and you can get free merchandise!  I typically play the Huggies instant win game with my points and have been able to win several gift cards including Mastercard and Visa gift cards, gas cards, Gap gift cards, a Dairy Queen gift card, a Kohl’s gift card and more!  With Pampers, I usually try to save my points until I have enough to cash out for a gift card (so far I’ve gotten Gap and Red Robin).  I’ve also gotten free photo gifts.

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