Freebie Friday: Pampers and Huggies codes, free chocolate, and more!

Happy Friday! There are lots of great freebies today!

To start off, here are some Pampers and Huggies Reward codes:

Free Pampers Gift to Grow code: (worth 1 point)


Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards: I have posted about this a few times now. Have you still held off in joining? If so, there’s NOTHING to lose and lots to gain! I won my second $25 gas gift card in two weeks this morning playing the instant win game! I’m so excited because we are wanting to take our kids back to Sea World one more time before school starts and it will be great if we have free gas.

If you haven’t joined yet, you will get 10 points for joining. Click here to join (or if you want to help me out, send me an e-mail and I will get points for referring you!). Here are a few more rewards codes to enter and get you started: (all of these SHOULD work, I just entered them this morning and they worked fine for me)

2 point code:

1 point code:

There are codes worth 16 additional points in this post here (they may or may not be working still).

It’s also Free Chocolate Friday! Click here to sign up for yours! (These come SUPER fast and they are great to have in my purse to give my kids a special bonus reward when they have been extra good while I’ve been dragging them around on my bargain hunts….my daughter feels extra grown up when I let her “buy” it…)

Free Venom Energy drink: Try out the new Venom Energy drink from Dr. Pepper. It says that they will send you a coupon for a free one. We actually got two samples in the mail and they came REALLY fast. I gave them to my husband to try and he scared me to death last night when he came in and told me that our kids would be up all night because they had gotten ahold of them (fortunately he was joking, but I didn’t think it was all that funny). Click here to sign up for yours.

Free Beauty Rush Lip Gloss from Victoria’s Secret: Click here to print a coupon for a free Beauty Rush lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret when you make ANY in store purchase.

Have a great Friday! When I was working, it could never come fast enough and now that I’m off for the summer, they seem to be coming entirely too quickly!