How to grab FREEBIES when a credit card is required!

Three years ago, my husband and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class together and switched to using “cash only.”  We have a debit card, but we don’t carry credit cards.  Whenever there is a “free” offer that requires you to provide a credit card to verify your identity, I’m always a bit nervous to use my debit card.  I don’t end up with an empty checking account!  One solution is to use a  prepaid credit card for these offers!

Right now, you can grab a prepaid card from AccountNow and you will receive a card in the mail that you can use for these offers!  You do not have to maintain a minimum balance (in fact,  you can keep it “empty”) and there is no credit check involved, either!  Accountnow is a reputable company and is accredited by the BBB!

Click here to grab your prepaid card now–>Free Prepaid card from AccountNow

If you sign up for direct deposit, you’ll get a $25 bonus on your card!

You do not need to maintain a balance to take advantage of the freebie offers and if you do not have a balance on the card, you do not have to pay any fees!  Sign up for your card now, never miss a freebie again, and have piece of mind using a “credit card” to grab those freebies!

NOTE:  Transaction fees may apply.  Refer to the card agreement for details.

(Thanks Wheel ‘N Deal Mama!)

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