Here are some “hot” coupons from this week’s inserts: (it will be worth buying extra papers…the .99 store sells them for .99 if you have them in your area! or get them on ebay or through a coupon clipping service)

Bird’s Eye steam fresh veggies – .35/1 – These go 10/$10 at Kroger all the time making your veggies free (if your store triples coupons) – they have some available on eBay right now. I just bought 20 for $1.75 including shipping. If you wait to get these coupons, they will be gone.
**Make sure you get the ones that say veggies or rice, not the “box” ones although those could be good, too**

Dole Salad – .50/1 – This will double at Kroger – the salad goes on sale pretty often 2/$4 making it $1 for a bag of salad

Jello Brand Pudding or Gelatin – $1/2 – free pudding or jello at Kroger

Pillsbury or Grands sweet rolls – .30/1 – will triple at Kroger – .10 rolls when they are 10/$10

Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust – .40/1 – will double at Kroger – .20 pizza crust when they are 10/$10
(both of these coupons have January expiration dates!)

Nestle or Wonka fun size bags – $1/3 – stock up on Halloween candy

Lawry’s marinade – .50/1 – goes 10/$10 at Kroger all the time – free marinade (get them quick or you won’t be able to find them)


  1. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    When you say they double or triple do you mean they will take 2 of the same coupon or they will scan it twice? And are those coupons in tomorrow’s paper or last weeks? I’m still trying to get the hang of this coupon thing. I can’t seem to get things as cheap as you can for some reason. I need training!

  2. At Kroger, they will double the face value of one coupon up to .50 (so, if you have a coupon for .40, it will actually take .80 off). They will triple the face value of the coupon up to .39 (so if you have a coupon for .35, it will take 1.05 off). This is why .35/1 coupons are so “hot” When items go on sale 10/$10, you get them for free. Check your store’s policies. At the Kroger here, they will double or triple up to 3 of the same coupons. At Randalls, they will only double or triple one of the same coupons.

    Hope that helps!

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  4. I have a friend who has twins and wants to know how you manage to get diapers free. Can you help?