Gymboree Gymbucks Redemption has started!

If you’ve got Gymbucks to “spend” the redemption period has started online and I’m guessing it will be “live” in stores today, too!

Here are a few frequently asked questions I’ve seen:

Can I use another coupon with my Gymbucks?

No. You can’t use any other coupons with Gymbucks. The only other discount you can get with Gymbucks is your 5% Gymboree Visa discount (if you have one).

Can I use more than one Gymbuck at one time?

Yes, as long as you are spending enough to warrant using all of your Gymbucks. For example, if you have 2 $50 Gymbucks, your total will need to be $200 before you can redeem both Gymbucks (this would be $200 after your Gymboree Visa discount has been applied)

How do Gymbucks “work”?

Gymbucks are basically like a 50% discount. For example, if you have a $25 Gymbuck, the total of the merchandise that you are purchasing needs to be $50 before the Gymbuck can be applied. So, if your total is $50, you will spend $25 out of pocket after you use your Gymbuck.

Can I use my Gymbucks at the outlet?

You can earn Gymbucks at the outlet stores now, but they cannot be redeemed at the outlet.

Can I use my Gymbucks online?

Yes, and if you are shopping online and your total is $100 or more (after your Gymbucks and Gymboree Visa discount have been applied), you will get free shipping, too!

Can I use my Gymbucks to buy “Big Red Balloon Sale” items?

Yes! You can use your Gymbucks to buy ANYTHING in a regular retail store (well, anything but gift cards)!

I returned some items without a receipt and got a merchandise credit. Can I use that to help pay for my purchase and use my Gymbucks?

Sadly, no. Merchandise credits cannot be used as a form of payment in conjunction with Gymbucks issuance or redemption.

I have Gymbucks, but I don’t see anything I want to buy right now. Can I sell them on eBay or trade them to someone else?

My Gymbucks are from online purchases, so they print right on the receipt and I don’t have the little coupon that comes attached with all of the “disclosure” information. I’m guessing there is something in the fine print about not transferring them or selling them, but people do sell them on eBay. From my experience, they typically go for $7-9 per $25 Gymbuck. The earlier you are in the redemption period, the more money you will be able to get for yours, but remember you are buying/selling/trading these at your own risk.

I need some clothes for my little one. Should I buy Gymbucks to try to take advantage of this “sale”?

I have a hard time justifying spending money to save money, so if you don’t have Gymbucks already, I personally wouldn’t do this. If your little one is in sizes newborn-5T, I would wait a few weeks because after Gymbucks redemption is over, the Baby Sale should be starting in early February. All new items will be priced at $10 and $20 and you can use a coupon (there are 20% off coupons in the latest edition of Parents Magazine).


  1. my Angel Closet says:

    coupons in the Parents Magazine can be used online? There will be only code?