Glass Half Empty or Half Full: It’s All A Matter of Perspective

Glass half empty or half full

I woke up at 3:45 this morning so that I could get some blogging in before I started my full time job only to be greeted by some not so nice comments.  I never know what I’m going to wake up to in the mornings.  Sometimes there are really great comments and sometimes there are positively awful comments and sometimes there are no comments at all.  After blogging for almost 4 years now, you would think I would have developed some thicker skin and that comments from complete strangers wouldn’t affect me, but I think sometimes people forget that I’m a person too.  I have a a husband, kids, a full time job, and even a dog and that I do make mistakes or that things don’t always work out, but that I do this with the best of intentions because I honestly want to help people.

On mornings like this one where I woke up to some not so nice comments, I really want to just crawl back in bed, grab a few extra hours of sleep, and forget about blogging altogether.  Then, I started scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw that a friend I haven’t seen in awhile who has two small boys is battling cancer right now.  Another friend lost her father last night.  There were other sad moments and lots of happy moments, too, but all of the sudden, the nasty comments that started out my morning didn’t seem all that important as I considered all of the things I have to be grateful for.

I immediately thought of the glass half full or glass half empty analogy and I realized that the way I decided to start my day was up to me.  I could have it either way – it’s just a matter of perspective.  I decided to go for the glass half full day!  I hope you do, too!



  1. You’re amazing, Melissa! And you have the right perspective. People get so obsessed with the deals that they forget how to act like humans. Hugs and good luck on the new job. I’m proud of you!

  2. I’m glad you have the right attitude but it still makes me sad people are mean to you. I been a loooong time reader and subscriber. I don’t comment as much as I should to tell you how much a appreciate all the work you do.

  3. Melissa Posey says:

    I think it is easy for all of us on the “other side” to forget that this information doesn’t just post itself. You are awesome for posting these deals for us, and I know that I appreciate all your hard work. I can’t keep up with the deals I want to do along with my job and 2 kids, so I don’t know how you do it, but thank you for it 🙂

  4. Moira jenkins says:

    Sorry about the nasty comments. Somehow, you have become a “public figure,” and some think that justifies nasty behavior towards you. I appreciate you sharing all your bargains with me, and being so prompt to respond whenever I have a question or comment. You are one of my favorite FB feeds to follow and I appreciate every attempt to share Money Making opportunities with me! Smile Melissa, you are awesome!

  5. I don’t know what kind of negative comments people could leave for you! You take the time to try and help us all save a few bucks…what’s not to appreciate about that! Keep it up, I love your site!!!

  6. Thank you guys for all your nice comments! You made my morning even better! One of the things that I have loved in doing this is the opportunity I’ve had to “connect” with total strangers through the years. I love it when people share their success stories with me: how they cut their budget, their first time cooking in a slow cooker, an awesome grocery run with coupons!

  7. Jennie S. says:

    Melissa – I love reading your posts. You have made a big difference in my life as far as helping me save. I’m sorry you had such a rough morning. Keep up the great work. People suck sometimes! Lol

    • Thank you Jennie. Maybe I was just tired or overly sensitive this morning. I usually don’t let stuff like that bother me…but for some reason this morning, it did!!

  8. Melissa, I think that perhaps it’s like the fact that we maybe don’t thank others often enough, like until you’ve lost your parents, you don’t realize how much they mean to you and when they’re gone, you can’t tell them. So, I’m telling you now! I so appreciate your helpful daily messages and even the recipes. I, too, like to think of life as as a 1/2 full glass. 😀

  9. It is amazing how much better you feel when you say “Please” an “Thank You”
    No matter how bad the comments are you should take them with a grain pf salt an push, blow or sneeze them away far they are just words of negativity from someone who doesn’t realize the glass is an always will be half full.
    So Melissa may tomorrow bring sunshine to your day an a smile for every word you read.
    I thank you for taking the time to post offers, an for sharing your life with this big enormous couponing family.
    Thank you again

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