Giveaway to win a Wii, Ipod Nano, or Amazon Kindle!

If you’ve ever struggled with weight issues, then you know how difficult it is to take the weight off once you’ve put it on. One of my fellow blogger buddies, Jessica, participated in the Move It and Lose it Challenge sponsored by Mamavation and now she’s on a quest to be the next Mamavation Mom.  If she wins, she will get to participate in a seven week healthy-living boot camp which includes a professional nutrition plan and a personal fitness program along with some other items to help her get fit.  She is so serious about having this opportunity that she is giving away a Wii, Ipod Nano, or Amazon Kindle to one lucky winner if she is chosen to participate in this experience.

She needs all of the help that she can get, which includes your votes and tweets!  I really admire Jessica.  She has really put herself “out there” over the past 15 weeks since she started her weight loss journey through Mamavation and has really been an inspiration.

Please go check out her giveaway and help her win and you just might win a little something for yourself, too!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is the link to her blog?

  2. Melissa says:

    The links were embedded in the post, but the giveaway ended on Monday.