Get your Sunday insert coupons now!

New coupons are up on My Coupon Hunter. If you haven’t ordered from a coupon clipping service before, check out the FAQs below. I like My Coupon Hunter because she does not have minimum order requirements, does not limit quantities, her turn around time is fast, and the prices for shipping and handling are reasonable!

There will only be one insert in this weekend’s paper. These are the “hot” coupons that I am seeing:

$.75/1 Quaker True Delights Rice and Multigrain Snack – expires 4/10/10 – this have been on sale for $.99-$1 at several different stores lately which makes a cheap snack. These went very quickly last time, so if you want them, jump on it!

$1/1 Quaker True Delight Instant Oatmeal – expires 4/10/10 – there have been some great sales on this lately, too!

$1/1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares – expires 4/10/10 – I love this stuff!

$.50/1 Sparkle Paper Towels Giant roll – expires 4/12/10 – if your stores double coupons, you should be able to get some fairly cheap paper towels with these!

$.35/1 Hillshire Farms Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices lunch meat – 3/14/10 – if your grocery stores triple, you should be able to get some decent deals on lunchmeat

$4/1 Knox product – expires 3/31/10 – people have been using these to get overage and these coupons went pretty quickly last time!

She has also restocked some “hot” coupons from recent inserts, so if you missed out on these before, jump on them now:

.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, rice, or pasta (expires 3/7/10) – these are 10/$10 fairly often, so if your stores double coupons, this means FREE vegetables!

FREE Herbal Essence styling product WYB Herbal Essence shampoo, conditioner, or styler – expires 3/31/10 – you can buy a trial sized shampoo or conditioner (which is priced in the $.99 range at most stores), and get a FREE full size styling product with this coupon!

$4/1 Gillette Fusion razors – expires 3/31/10 – these will be $.99 after RR at Walgreens all month!

Free Olay Body wash WYB any Venus Embrace or Venus Breeze razor – expires 3/31/10 – the Venus razors will also be a part of a RR deal at Walgreens all month ($8.99, get a $4 RR), so if you’re stocking up on razors, you might as well get some “free” body wash, too!

$1/1 Prego Heart Smart Italian sauces – expires 4/30/10 – you should be able to get Prego sauce relatively cheap with this coupon (and possibly free if it goes 10/$10!)

Here are a few “Frequently Asked Questions” I get about stocking up on coupons:

How do you know if an item is going to go on sale? I don’t want to stock up on coupons and then have them go to waste.

In some cases (CVS and Walgreens), I can look at ad scans for upcoming weeks online and get a “heads up” about what will be on sale in upcoming weeks. In other cases, I have to go off of my experiences with sales cycles. There’s not a 100% chance that these items will go on sale, but typically if coupons are coming out in the inserts, they will match up with some sale in upcoming weeks.

Is it worth it to “buy” coupons when your goal is saving money? It seems kind of counterproductive.

If you are looking to stockpile items on a budget, the best way to do this is to pair coupons with sale prices and in order to really stockpile items, you are going to need multiple coupons. I know that some people buy multiple newspapers, but that doesn’t really “work” for me because then I have the extra work of coupon up with all of that paper. Using a coupon clipping service or eBay to get coupons is more time and cost effective for me because then I’m only getting coupons for the things that I want and need and they’re already clipped!

The savings far outweigh what I spend.

For example, let’s say I buy 10 .50/1 Bird’s Eye Steamfresh veggie coupons at $.09 each from My Coupon Hunter to pair with a 10/$10 sale at my grocery store (which doubles coupons). Using the coupons, I can get 10 bags of vegetables (which are normally $1.69 at my stores) for $.90 (the cost of my coupons). I have just saved $16.


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