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If you’re planning on buying a car, a house, or anything else requiring financing in the near future, you want to know what your credit score is so you know where you stand!  Your free trial from can help you with this!  Finding out what your credit score is NOW by clicking here!  I hadn’t checked mine in a long time, and I had to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re not happy with your credit score, you can start taking action to increase it by:

1.  Making sure that everything on your credit report is actually YOURS.  If information on your credit report is incorrect, you can dispute it with all three credit reporting agencies.

2.  Start working to pay down your debt.  The first step to this is creating a budget and living within your means.  For tips on setting up a budget, check out this post here.

3.  Make arrangements with your creditors:  see if they will lower your interest rates.  It never hurts to ask!

PLEASE NOTE: When you order your free Score here, you will begin your trial membership in If you don’t cancel your membership within 9 days, you will be billed $14.95 plus $0.93 sales tax for a total of $15.88 for each month that you continue your membership. You can cancel your membership by contacting us at any time and stop the monthly billing, so if you do not wish to continue the service, mark your calendar to cancel before your free trial is over! You can cancel by contacting them at 1-877-300-2506 M-F 6 am-8 pm or Sat-Sun 8 am-5 pm.

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  1. I just wanted to let you all know of another hidden item, which I found out about the hard way. I did this about 2 months ago…. I cancelled my order right away, the same day I started the free trial (just so I wouldn’t forget to do it before the trial period ended)… Well, the next month, when i got my credit card statement, there was a charge for around $32 for this company…. I figured it out to be that I PRINTED mine before I cancelled the free trial. So beware, you can view it for free but don’t print it,. I’m not sure if you can copy and paste into another document like MS office. I was going to call and complain but I figured it was my fault I didn’t read the entire offer.