Get the Entertainment book for $12.99!

I’m a big fan of The Entertainment book! I buy at least one each year when I find a good deal and it more than pays for itself. If you’re not familiar with The Entertainment Book, there are lots of great buy one, get one free offers for fine dining and casual restaurants as well as discounts on fast food restaurants and local entertainment and attractions.

Right now, the books are on sale for $19.99 each (a $15 discount) and both Ebates and Shop at Home are offering 35% cash back, which makes it just $12.99 after the discount and cash back! Plus, if you are new to Ebates or Shop at Home, you will get an additional $5 bonus for signing up for the first time (details are here)! Shipping is free, too!

1.  Log into your Shop at Home account here or your Ebates account here..  If you don’t have a Shop at Home account, you can create one here (you will get a $5 sign-on bonus, too!You can create an Ebates account here.

2.  Once you are logged in, search for “Entertainment Book.”

3.  Click on the Entertainment Book link from Shop at Home or Ebates.

4.  Once you get to the Entertainment Book page, enter your zip code at the top to pull up the book for your area.  Click on “Buy the Book.”

5.  Complete the check out process.  A page will pop up that says “Annual Renewal program.”  Make sure the box is not checked for this option.  If you check this option, you will save $5 today, but they will automatically send you a new book every year.  If you do that, you will pay full price for the book in future years and you don’t want that!!   Be careful because it pops up again on the screen where you put your payment information in! (I only issue all of these “warnings” because one year I actually signed up for this by mistake!)

You’ll pay $19.99 for most books today and get $7 cash back from Shop at Home or Ebates (you will get $12 if you are signing up for the first time because of your bonus!)  If you are not familiar with Shop at Home or Ebates, check out this post here for more information.

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