FREEBIE ALERT: FREE flip flops from Ipanema and Seventeen LIVE NOW!

Ipanema and Seventeen are giving away FREE flip flops!  Living in Texas, I seriously get to wear flip flops about nine months out of the year, but that means that I go through several pairs a year, too.  I’m so excited about this freebie and just grabbed my free pair!

Click here to grab your free flip flops–>FREE Flip Flops

You’ll get them in just 4 easy steps:  it took me less than 5 minutes!

1.  Log in to your Ipanema account or register for one if you don’t have one yet

2.  Follow them on Twitter or Facebook

3.  Choose your flip flops!

4.  Enter your shipping information and the code 17IPANEMA

It said that mine would arrive in 2-4 weeks, which is just in time for my summer vacation!  No purchase is necessary and this offer is available while supplies last.

Let me know if you get some!

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  1. tina rodermann says:

    i m tring to get them but web site is down

    • Tina – I got them first thing this morning, but I know that as more people are up and trying to get them, it’s been very slow. I hope you’re able to get a pair!

  2. Hey thanks I got some i got the pink and purple ones my niece will love them thanks and also ordered some from there site awesome !

  3. I got some! It took FOREVER!!! But I finally got some. 🙂

  4. I finally got to the end part where I entered the code and pushed continue at the bottom but it wont do anything. =( Dont know if it went through or not

  5. i got my flops like erly am and my mom try to get hers and it was just doing some crazy stuff….

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