FREE Year of Credit Monitoring from Target!


If you shopped in Target stores between Black Friday and December 15th, you can get a free year of credit monitoring!  

Click here to claim yours–> FREE Year of Credit Monitoring from Target

It’s easy to claim!  All you have to do is submit your name and e-mail address and you will be provided with an activation code!


You can also get your 100% FREE credit score from Credit Sesame! I’ve been using them for 2 1/2 years now and LOVE their service! They just sent me notification this morning that my credit score had changed so I could check it out! Check your credit score for free here–> FREE Credit Score

  • Guests have until April 23, 2014 to sign up to receive an activation code. Activation codes must be redeemed by April 30, 2014.
  • The information captured in this process will not be used for any purpose other than providing you with credit monitoring services. Please note: if you are receiving other Target communications (e.g., weekly circular, Cartwheel, deals), you will continue to receive those offers and emails.

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