Free Rice a Roni!

There is a new printable coupon for .50/1 package of Rice a Roni. They are $1 at my Kroger store (YMMV), so if your grocery store has them for $1 and doubles coupons, they will be free!

You can print the coupon here. You can print two per computer and I recommend printing them quick before the print limit is reached. If the first link I posted didn’t work for you, try this one here.

If you’re looking for a quickie meal that you can put together using your Rice a Roni, check out this recipe on Marci’s blog. My kids love it!


  1. Hi Melissa! I ran across your blog earlier this week and think that it is great! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas on how to save money! Can you tell me where you found the printable Rice A Roni coupon? I am still a little new at this!

  2. The link to the Rice a Roni coupon is in my post. I can't remember where I found it originally, but there is a thread on Slick Deals where they keep an ongoing list of printable coupons that I have found very helpful.

    Here's the link:

  3. Thank you for your help! Love your blog!!