FREE Redbox Codes Round-up!

Free Redbox Codes

My family LOVES movie nights and we have several Redbox kiosks right by our houses, so our movie nights are usually courtesy of Redbox!  My kids love being able to pick out their own movies!

Here’s a list of free Redbox codes and ways that you can get Redbox codes:

1.  If you haven’t signed up to receive text messages yet, text the word SIGNUP TO 727272 and you’ll receive a code for a free Redbox movie rental!  You will also receive a free rental code the first Monday of every month and discount codes at other times throughout the month! (I’ve been getting one time use codes for $.50 off and $1 off rentals pretty much every weekend for weeks now!)

2.  You can also get a free movie rental if you reserve your movie online.  After you return the movie you reserved online, you’ll receive an e-mail with a free rental credit.  Details are here–> FREE Redbox movie night   (I have also been getting codes by e-mail since I created on online account!)

3.  Redbox now offers video games, too!  Get free video game rentals when you enter the following codes at check-out:  JUSTDANCETRYGAMESTRYITOUT,RENTSCREEN, and TRYREDBOX.

4.  Try these codes:  you can use them once per card (please let me know if any are expired):

REDBOX (first time rentals)

DVDONME (valid at multiple locations)

DVDKROG (Kroger stores)

DVDATKROGER (Kroger stores)


DVDATWAG (Walgreens)

NOTE:  You do have to swipe a credit or debit card to “rent” the movie and you will be charged $1 per night if you do not return the movie before 9 p.m. the following day.  To enter your Redbox codes, look for a circle at the bottom of the screen at check out that says “promotion code” and enter it there!
If you know of any other Redbox free codes, let me know!

If you want your movies to come straight to you and you don’t want to worry about late fees, get two free months of movie nights using the links below:   

Netflix free 30 day trial – We subscribe to Netflix and use the streaming service and love it!  Thanks to Netflix Streaming, we were able to downgrade to the basic cable plan plus there are no commercials!

Blockbuster Total Access one month free  (try one month of Blockbuster Total Access for FREE – this includes blu ray movies and games and you can pick them up or exchange them in stores, too!)

NOTE:  If you sign up for the free trial of Netflix or Blockbuster Total Access, and you don’t want to continue your membership or be charged, make sure you mark your calendar so youc an remember to cancel within 30 days!

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