FREE Online Chore Chart for kids!

If you’re trying to teach your kids to be more independent and trying to get them to be more involved with chores around your house, you’ll LOVE this! Get a FREE online chore chart for kids!  You can create a chore chart for your kids and assign points values for each chore.  You can provide family rewards such as computer time, family game night, or time with a parent, monetary rewards, or create your own rewards!  It’s super easy to set up, each of your kids has their own login, and you can even receive text updates as they complete their chores!

FREE online chore chart for kids


1.  Sign up here–> Free online chore chart for kids

2.  Assign jobs to your kids

3.  Reward your kids for completing their chores!

They’ve even made it easy to access from a variety of devices:

What chores do you have YOUR kids do?

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