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WOW!  Many people are reporting that they have FREE Kindle Book credits on their Amazon accounts!  I checked and sadly I did not (probably because I mainly read the free books!)

To find out if you have any credits, check here–> FREE Kindle Book credits

If you do have the free credits on your account, you should see the image at the top of this post at the top of the Amazon page.  You may have also received an e-mail about this.

Find out more about the settlement here–> Free Kindle book credits settlement

If you’re like me and you didn’t have any credits on your account, you can sign up to get a round-up of FREE E-Books delivered to your inbox for FREE daily from BookBub.

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Find more free Kindle downloads here–> 100 Free Kindle downloads

If you don’t have a Kindle yet, you can still read for free on your PC, Smartphone, or tablet with these free Kindle reading apps here–> FREE Kindle reading apps 

NOTE: This book was free at the time of this posting.  Pricing on Amazon can chance at any time. Please verify final pricing before downloading this item.

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