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How safe is YOUR home?  Do you think you are prepared for emergencies and that your home is secure enough to prevent break-ins?  Get a FREE Home Risk Analysis from MBIntel and find out!  MBIntel is committed to help you and your loved ones prepare for uncertainties in life.  Your report will include details about your home security, your home safety, and emergency preparedness.

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My husband and I thought that we were pretty prepared, and we were surprised by some of the results from our assessment.  The home risk analysis only took about 15 minutes to complete, and we were able to download our results quickly!

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • Having a security system isn’t enough – all exterior doors and windows should have alarm sensors, and I had never even considered cellular and battery backup!
  • We need carbon monoxide protectors – This has been on my “bucket list” for awhile, but the information provided in this report encouraged me to make it an even higher priority
  • We need a fire extinguisher, too!
  • We need to have a family meeting and outline our “escape plan” – I realized that we have never had a family meeting and laid out what our escape plan would be in the event of an emergency
  • Our fireplace needs to be cleaned annually – I had no idea!
  • We need to improve our first aid kit – The report includes a lot of detailed information about things that we can add to improve our first aid kit
  • We need to be more prepared for our pets in case of an emergency

Here’s what is included in your risk analysis:  the paid version is more comprehensive


Did you take the risk analysis?  Were you surprised by the results?  What things do you need to improve?

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