Free Disney movie rewards codes

With all of the deals there have been lately on Disney movies, I thought I’d share a few Disney movie reward codes. Thanks to Savings Mania for the heads up on this!

If you haven’t used Disney movie reward codes before, you can find them on inserts inside of Disney movies. You enter them online to earn points and the points can be redeemed for merchandise.

If you’re new to this program, click here to register. (If you’re already a member, just sign in).

Enter the following codes for 100 points total (I just entered these this morning, so it really does work):

Jiminy (10 pts)
Superbark (15 pts)
Budderball (25 points)
Papers (50 pts)

Now go check out the packaging for all of the other movies you’ve purchased recently and see how many other codes you earn!


  1. A Bookish Mom says:

    Bravo! Thanks for the great post. I am going to link a blog back to you and pass it on!