FREE Baygon insect trap stickers product testing opportunity!

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If you haven’t registered with Toluna yet, they’ve got a new FREE product testing opportunity!  You can get PAID to test Baygon insect trap flower stickers! If you’re being raided by insects as fall approaches, this is a GREAT opportunity for you!  It’s also COMPLETELY legit!  I have completed several product tests including diapers, grocery items, perfume, household products, and more!  It’s so fun to be able to test new products before they hit the market!  They have 1,000 available and you can sign up for this opportunity through 9/8/14.  If you don’t get chosen for this one, they’ve been adding new product testing opportunities every WEEK!

1.  Click here to register for Toluna–> FREE Baygon insect trap flower stickers Product Testing Opportunity (make sure you confirm your e-mail address after you register to be considered)

2.  Click on the Rewards Tab at the top and then click on Test Area to apply for this opportunity and to see what other opportunities are available!

Let me know if you get in!

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