Family-friendly New Year’s Eve traditions

When you have young children, celebrating New Year’s Eve is a very different experience! My kids love being able to stay up late (although they never make it until midnight) and we always have fondue followed by a game and movie night.  I’d love to hear some of your family’s New Year’s Eve traditions, so feel free to comment and share!

If you’re looking for some new traditions to start with your family this year, here are some great ideas from around the Blogosphere:

If your kids can’t make it until midnight, here are some ideas for changing the time you celebrate New Year’s

Ring in the Noon Year – this family celebrates their New Year at noon so their young children can participate in the festivities!

Time Zone Out – I love, love, love this idea and am thinking it would be lots of fun for our family next year – this family moves their New Year’s Eve festivities to an earlier time zone and plans their menu and decorations accordingly.  They’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve New York style, Miami style, and even with an English flair (following the time zone in London).

Got New Year’s Resolutions?  I loved some of these ideas!

Resolution Stoaways – This family writes their New Year’s resolutions on holiday stationery and then puts them in their stockings to revisit the following year when the stockings come out again.

Resolution Magnet – Your kids can keep up with the resolutions all year long by making a cute magnet to place on the refrigerator!

The Time Capsule – share your memories from 2010 by creating a family time capsule!  Each family member gets to help decorate and then adds one item to the time capsule!

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