Do you have Tylenol products on the recall list?

Do you have Tylenol products that are on the recall list?  McNeil Consumer Healthcare has issued a major recall of the following products:  Infants’ Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol products, Infants’ Motrin and Children’s Motrin, Children’s Zyrtec, and Children’s Benadryl.  You can find the listing of products above. I found two unopened bottles and one open bottle that were part of the recall.

Check out the FAQs for this Tylenol recall here.  Here is some helpful information about how to locate the NDC code, UPC code, and pictures of the products that have been recalled.  If you have products that are on the recall list, you will need the NDC code, lot number, and expiration date.  Click here to request a refund or high dollar product replacement coupon.  If you have more than six products, you will have to complete multiple forms.

Here is some information about how to dispose of products from the recall list that you may have (from the McNeil site):

Unless instructed otherwise, do not dispose of unused medicines by emptying them into your sink, toilet, or storm drain.
Some states may have regulations regarding pharmacy or community take-back programs in which they may receive and dispose of returned unused drugs for patients. It is recommended that a local pharmacy or local authority be contacted to determine if it participates in such programs.
In the event that medicines can not be disposed by take-back programs, place them in the household trash taking the following steps.

  • Make sure that they are in an unrecognizable sealed container; ensuring that children, pets, and others do not have access to the contents of the container;
  • Dispose of the container in household trash.