Crocktober: Get a $5 Crock-Pot rebate!

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet or you’re in the market for a new one, make sure you take advantage of Crocktober on Amazon!  They are offering a $5 rebate when you purchase a Crock-Pot brand sow cooker!  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know I LOVE my slow cooker.  I actually have 4 in different sizes that I use for different things!  I just noticed on Sunday that my mid-sized slow cooker has a crack, so I have been waiting for a deal and I will definitely be taking advantage of this sale!

Click here to shop the sale–> Crocktober slow cooker sale on Amazon

If you haven’t used a slow cooker before, size really does make a difference.  If your slow cooker is too big, your items may overheat.  This is especially true if you will be leaving your slow cooker on all day while you are at work! (I’ve been there, done that!)

If you have a big family or you plan on using your slow cooker to make a lot of soups, this is a great deal:

Crock-Pot Cook’ N Carry 6-Quart Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel – $30.99 after rebate

I’m buying this one to replace mine that cracked!  It’s $30.67 after rebate and great for mid-sized families (I have four people in my family! Crock-Pot 5-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker with Dipper, Stainless Steel

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