Crinkle Scarves starting at $2.86 SHIPPED!


Amazon has these super cute Crinkle Scarves starting at $2.86 shipped!  The Red Crinkle Scarf pictured above is $3.70 shipped!

Click here to check it out–> Red Crinkle scarf

Here are some deals in other colors:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 5.56.54 AM

Here’s ANOTHER scarf deal for you!  Get this Lipstick and Heels Chiffon Scarf for just $2.45 shipped!  It’s available in pink, beige, or apricot.

Get yours here–> Lipstick and Heels Chiffon Scarf


Here’s ANOTHER great deal on a scarf!  Get this Leopard Print Chiffon scarf for just $2.52 shipped!  I am NOT a scarf person but seeing all these cute deals is making me want to be one!

Click here to check it out–> Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf

Check out these other deals on scarves:


This Heart Print Chiffon Scarf is SO CUTE and it’s on sale for just $2.89 SHIPPED!  It would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Check it out here–> Heart Print Chiffon Scarf


These  polka dot scarves are just $2.50 each shipped!  Choose from 5 different colors and patterns!

Check them all out here–> Beautiful Polka Dot Scarves


This Patriotic Chiffon scarf is perfect for holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July and is only $2.99 shipped, too!

Check it out here–> Patriotic Chiffon Scarf


Get these Chevron Print Infinity scarves for just $3.59 shipped!  

Click here to check them out–> Chevron Print Infinity scarves

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.54.19 AM

You can also get these Elegant Chiffon Scarves for just $2.99 shipped!

Click here to see the different color combinations–> Elegant Chiffon Scarves

Pricing on Amazon can change at any time.  Always verify final pricing before completing your purchase.

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