Cooking With Kids Thursday: Frozen Chocolate Bananas

I love eating frozen fruit.  I remember growing-up we used to have huge contatiners of frozen peaches, melon balls, and raspberries in our freezer.  I used to love sneaking in there and grabbing handfuls to snack on during the hot summers.  I also remember the first time I had a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and then dipped in peanuts.  It was so good!  Now I want my kids to have some of those same great memories.  How fun would it be to make these dipped bananas with them?  You could even set-up a topping bar so they can pick and choose what they want on their bananas.  If you aren’t too big on chocolate, I have also heard that using yogurt instead is just as yummy.

Here’s what you need to make these:

  • 2 ripe but firm bananas
  • 6 ounces dark chocolate, chopped, or semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup granola, chopped pecans and walnuts, or sprinkles (optional)
  • (yields 4 servings)

Here’s how to make them -> Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas Tutorial

(Thanks Epicurious!)


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