Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash Keeps Working When You’re on the Go!

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I work a full time job, and once I'm off work, I spend my evenings chauffering my kids to various extracurricular activities. My oral hygiene is important to me, but it's hard to find time to brush mid-day, especially when I'm on the go so much, and I worry about how that impacts my teeth!  Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash has a solution for busy moms!  It keeps working even after eating and drinking (with twice daily continued use).  It's the perfect way to bridge the day between your early morning and evening brushing!

You can take the Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash Challenge, a quick five question quiz, to find out more about this product–> Colgate Total

Here are some of the great features of Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash:

  • It provides 12 hour protection against germs
  • It kills 99% of germs
  • It helps prevent gingivitis
  • It significantly reduces plaque
  • Unlike many other mouthwashes that are currently on the market, there is no alcohol "burn" when you use it
  • It helps freshen breath

In addition to all of the great features Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash provides to help keep your teeth healthy, an added bonus is that it won't bust your budget to buy it!  Your local Dollar General store carries it and you'll find great prices there, too!  Make sure you check out their website for additional coupons so you can save even more money!  I can't wait to check it out!

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