July Clear the Clutter Challenge



Some people do “spring cleaning”  I work in education, so I get the summer off, and I realized this morning that I have 37 days left of my summer vacation.  I realize that may a “glass half full” way to be looking at things, but I also realized that a lot of the things I had hoped to get done this summer haven’t happened and one of the big things I wanted to focus on was getting rid of CLUTTER.

  • When your 6 year old attempts to wear jeans and a shirt that are two sizes too small, it makes for a great photo opp, but it also means that it’s probably time for a clear the clutter challenge!
  • If your kids have bins and bins and bins of toys that they have long since outgrown, it’s probably time for a clear the clutter challenge!
  • And..when you have clothes in a variety of sizes (even though some are 10 years old) because you’re HOPING you maybe can wear them again someday, it’s probably time for a clear the clutter challenge

Can anyone relate?

I plan to spend an hour a day working on this and I will use three bins as I go throughout the process:

  • SELL – This will be for items that are in good condition and that I think we can quickly sell.  Some of the kids clothing and toys will likely fall into this category.  My “rule” is going to be that I have to list the items within the week that they go into the bin and they must be sold within 2 weeks.  Otherwise, they go to the donate bin!
  • DONATE – This will be for items that are in good condition, but I wasn’t able to sell them or I don’t think it’s worth the time to try to sell them.  I plan to drop off donation items once a week!
  • TRASH – This is for items that are broken or not in good condition.

I plan to report on my progress each week including how many items I donated, trashed, and sold and an update of how much we made selling items!  I would love for you to join me on this challenge and share your experiences, too!  I’m starting tomorrow and will report back next Monday hopefully with some pictures and progress!

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