Blockbuster Express: 2 free rental codes!


Celebrate summer with FREE movies from Blockbuster Express! It’s a great way for me to keep the kids entertained (and bring some temporary peace and quiet to the house so I can get a few things done).  My kids love family movie nights, too, and this gives us a chance to have a FREE family movie night!

These codes expire on Friday,8/15 at midnight:


The codes can be used once per card.  Search for a participating Blockbuster Express kiosk in your area here.

NOTE: You will be charged a fee of $1 per night if you do not return the movie by 9 p.m. on the night following your initial rental.

What’s on your “watch list” this summer?

(Thanks Mojo Savings!)


  1. Here are a ton more that i’ve found!

    Enter Code: 28ARDQ9 Exp. 8/12
    Enter Code: 27BRAB3 Exp. 8/12
    Enter Code: 56BCRD9 Exp. 8/12
    Enter Code: 69TGAF4 Exp. 8/12

    Enter Code: 25JEAH6 Exp. 8/15
    Enter Code: 92TGAF2 Exp. 8/15
    Enter Code: 63BCRD2 Exp. 8/15
    Enter Code: 76BRAB8 Exp. 8/15
    Enter Code: 58ARDQ2 Exp. 8/15

    And these ones I don’t know exactly when they expire the 12th or the 15th and they might be dups I haven’t checked it out yet…
    28PPLA9, 98SGJC2, 25JEAH6, 92TGAF2, 63BCRD2, 76BRAB8, 58ARDQ2