Another freebie! (and potential moneymaker)

Print a form for a free box of Just for Men Touch of Grey men’s hair color here (or by clicking on the link below). If you’ve been “CVSing” for long, you know that Touch of Grey goes on sale for free after ECBs every few months, so this would definitely come in handy and would most likely make it a moneymaker!

Touch of Gray


  1. Question for you about Swagbucks (I believe I signed up under your referral link): Do the Amazon gift cards have expiration dates and can they be combined with other gift cards redeemed from Swagbucks?

    If you know, that would be awesome to know, I almost have enough to redeem my first giftcard!

  2. To my knowledge, the Amazon gift cards do not have expiration dates, but you can also enter them on your Amazon account (log in and then click on “apply a gift card/gift certificate to your account”). My understanding is that this will stay in your account balance until you redeem it 🙂 I hope that makes sense!

    It’s amazing how fast those ‘bucks’ add up, isn’t it? I love Swagbucks!