And the winner is….

The winner of the $30 Kroger gift card giveaway is #27 (Stephanie). Here’s what Stephanie had to say about what she hopes to do with the gift card:

I’m not good enough to get huge bargains. I saw that one mom had gotten $150 worth with her $30 card and Mega Savings. I’m amazed. I might be able to score $45.

Stephanie ~ you might surprise yourself once you start matching up your coupons! 🙂 We can’t wait to hear how much you really save and hope you’ll come back and share with us!


It’s always hard for me to choose just one person for these giveaways and I always wish I could give something to everyone! Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for the next giveaway!


  1. Stephanie Reed says:

    Thanks for your encouragement–and for the card! I'm so excited! I'll try not to let you down. I'm going to print out some tips and study them before I go, and I'll probably take the tip sheet with me. We still have one kid in college, so the need to save $$$ is high. I appreciate you and your sponsors for making it a little easier! 🙂