Aldi deals for the week of 8/14

If you are new to shopping, at Aldi’s, here’s their coupon policy: or lack there-of since they don’t actually take coupons!

  • Aldi’s does not take coupons of any kind.
  • At Aldi’s, you will have to bag your own groceries and pay a quarter to get a cart. The quarter is reimbursed when the cart is returned.
  • You’ll need to bring in your own reusable grocery bags or you’ll have to purchase them in the store (they are $.06)

Here are some of the Aldi’s highlights for the week: Aldi is now in Houston and these deals are based on that ad.  It is hard to judge what a “good deal” is since cost of living varies so much in various parts of the country, but these are all “good deals” by my standards in a low to moderate cost of living area

Friendly Farms Milk – $1.99/gallon

Goldhen Eggs – $.99/dozen

Valencia Oranges – $1.49 /4 lb. bag

Red or Green Grapes – $.75/lb.

Cantaloupe  – $.79 each

Blueberries – $1.29/pint

Friendly Farms Moo Tubes –  $1.99

Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Breasts (48 oz.) – $5.99

Lunch Buddies – $1.79

Benton’s Sandwich Cookies $1.49

Lunch Buddies Pudding Cups $.69

Nature’s Nectar Juice Boxes (8 count) – $1.49


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