31 Ways to Save in 2011: Saving money by finding deals at the dollar store!


If you’re looking for ways to cut expenses, dollar stores can be a great resource.  In my area, we have the $.99 Store and Dollar Tree and I have found some great deals at both stores.

Here are some of my favorite dollar store bargains:

Books:  you never know what you’ll find in the book section – I have found some great board books for my kids and some great hardcover books for myself by spending a few minutes browsing (this is definitely hit or miss)
Cards:  cards for all occasions are 2/$1 at both stores – you can’t beat that!
Coloring books:  if your kids love coloring books, you can’t beat getting them for $1 (and sometimes they are 2/$1!), and they usually have educational workbooks and flash cards, too!
Craft supplies:  if you have kids who love craft projects, you’ll find lots of great, affordable options at the dollar store!
Gift bags:  gift bags of varying sizes are $.79 at the $.99 store and $1 at Dollar Tree (these retail for $2-3/each at other stores, so this is definitely a steal!).  They have wrapping paper, boxes, and tissue paper, too!
Holiday themed items:  if you’re looking for seasonal partyware, you can’t beat their prices
Party supplies:  whether you’re having a themed party or you’re just looking for paper goods in coordinating colors, you can find it all for $1/each (cups, plates, plasticware, table cloths, napkins, and even banners or other decor) – I haven’t seen prices that cheap anywhere else!
Pregnancy tests:  I know it sounds crazy, but the tests from the dollar store are really accurate (I’ve got a 3 year old now to prove it!), so why spend $7-10 on a “name brand” one?

Sometimes you can even find name brand ice cream (Dreyer’s) for $1!

Just remember – $1 can add up quickly and if you end up buying a lot of things you don’t need, it’s no longer a bargain.  You may want to leave your kids at home.  Mine are suckers for all the “junk” that they have there, too!

What are your favorite “dollar store finds”?

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  1. I love taking my kids to DollarTree when they have money burning a hole in their pockets. Nothing is out of their price range!

  2. Kathy – I hear ya! My kids LOVE going to Dollar Tree….but they want EVERYTHING when we go there!