$3 off any CVS brand purchase

I have printed and used this coupon a few times now but somehow got it confused with the $3 off $15 coupon that was out there and thought I had to spend $15 to use it. You can use it on any CVS brand purchase of $3 or more!

I LOVE THIS COUPON! I originally saw this on I Heart CVS, but I think that the original poster was on SD.

Here’s how you can print one:
1. Go to http://thebeaconnewspapers.com/newspaper.php.
2. Click on the “Balt Edition.” (you will see two different newspaper icons in the center of the page near the top)
3. Go to Page 14 by selecting it from the top menu.
4. The Page will load on the left side. Click on the page and a larger image of the page loads on the right side.
5. Click “Print” on the top right.

*This will work out nicely with the BOGO free vitamins and the BOGO 50% off other CVS items this week. I would be careful about “abusing” the coupon, though, so you fly under the radar at your stores. (in other words, don’t do a bunch of transactions where you are getting things for free at one store)

I’ve been using these to get things we need. Here are a few examples:

CVS Cold & Sinus (which is basically the same thing as Advil Cold & Sinus) is $5.19. It is BOGO 50% off. So, it is $7.79 for two boxes right now, which is still less than one box of Advil Cold & Sinus. Then, with the $3 off coupon it’s $4.79

CVS plastic cups are $3.79. So, with the BOGO 50% off, it is $5.69 for two packages. With the $3 off coupon, it is $2.69. Still a good deal for something I need.

CVS wet mopping cloths (which are similar to Swiffer wet mopping cloths) are $3.99. With the BOGO 50% off, it is $5.99 and $2.99 for two after the $3 coupon! WAAAAY cheaper than the Swiffer cloths and they work fine with my Swiffer mop 🙂

CVS vitamins are BOGO free this week. I got a lot of vitamins last week during the Nature’s Bounty deal, but they didn’t have multivitamins. I got two packages of 200 count multivitamins for $11.89, or $8.89 minus the $3 coupon. That’s more than a year’s supply which was a good deal for us.

Here are a few other things you can stock up on using the coupon and BOGO 50% off sale: paper plates, CVS brand sandwich/freezer bags, trash bags


  1. I’m going to give their wet cloths a try using this coupon :-).