2015 Tax Free Shopping Dates!

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It’s time for back to school shopping, and many states are offering tax free shopping dates!  I’ve included a breakdown of the dates by state below!  The best part is that YES, if it’s a tax free shopping day in your state, the tax free status will apply if you shop online, too!  Awesome, right??

Check this list here to find out what items are included in the tax free shopping dates for your state here–> Tax free shopping included items

Thanks to Surviving a Teacher’s Salary for helping us put this list together!

2015 Tax Free Shopping Dates

ALABAMA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, computers, books)

ARKANSAS– August 1-2 (clothing, supplies)

CONNECTICUT – August 16-22 (clothing, footwear)

FLORIDA-August 1-3

GEORGIA – July 31 – August 1 (clothing, supplies, computers)

IOWA– August 7-8 (clothing)

MARYLAND– August 9-15 (clothing, footwear)

MISSISSIPPI– July 31-August 1 (clothing, footwear)

MISSOURI– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

NEW MEXICO– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

OHIO– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, instructional materials)

OKLAHOMA– August 7-9 (clothing)

SOUTH CAROLINA– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TENNESSEE– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TEXAS– August 7-9 (clothing, backpacks, supplies)

VIRGINIA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies)

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