Walgreens scenarios for the week (9/7-9/13)

I’ve loved CVS for a lot longer than Walgreens, but lately Walgreens has much better deals. If you’re new to shopping at Walgreens, here are some scenarios to get you started:


Robitussin & Dimetapp are $3.99 this week (make sure that you get the bottles that are marked at this price because they are the only ones that work for this deal). There are $3 printable coupons for the Robitussin and $2 printable coupons for the Dimetapp (links below).

Dimetapp link:

Robitussin link:

You can stop here, or, if you want to keep on saving, here’s some ways to spread the $:

Stock up on cleaning supplies next:

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max – $3.79 (there were $3 off coupons in Sunday’s paper, and I will use 2)
2 Scrubbing Bubbles scrubbers – $3.79 ( – 2 $2.75/1 coupons – printable on scrubbingbubbles.com)
1 Scrubbing Bubbles shower foam – $3.79 (-$1 coupon on Scrubbing Bubbles.com and there was also on in Sunday’s paper)
1 Shout stain remover – $2.79 (-.75/1 coupon)
1 Windex – $2.79 (-.75/1)

2 Oust Sanitizers – they are on sale for $2.99 this week and there is a $1/1 Walgreens coupon in the Easysaver catalog and a BOGO free coupon that was in the paper recently as well as a $1/1 coupon that was in the paper recently. They let me use all 3, which made them free.

Glade Fabric Refresher is $2.99. There is a $1/1 Walgreens coupon in the Easysaver catalog and there were $1.50/1 coupons in the paper recently (or printable ones on their website). This makes it .49!

Hunt’s tomato sauce is 3/$1 with the in ad coupon and I need a “filler” so I can use my RR (remember that RR are considered a manufacturer’s coupon at Walgreens, so if you are using manufacturer’s coupons for everything else you’re buying, you need to buy something extra to cover using the RR)

Use $10 RR from cough medicine. I will pay $2.02 and get another $10 RR
(if you don’t have all of the coupons I mentioned, you could buy 2 and get $2 or 4 and get $5…print 2 of the $2.75/1 Action Scrubbers and you pay $2.08 and get $2 back)
There is a manufacturer’s mail in rebate for the Action Scrubbers. You will be reimbursed for the full purchase amount $3.79.

I plan to do this next:
Buy 1 Crest Pro Health mouth rinse 4.49 (-.75/1 coupon)
Buy 1 Excedrin Express Gels 3.99 (-$2 printable)
Buy 1 Nivea Men Body Wash 4.99 (-$2 printable)
Buy 1 LypSyl 1.99

Use $10 RR from Scrubbing Bubbles..spend .71, get $4.49 from Crest and do Walgreens rebates for Excedrin, Body Wash, and LypSyl ($10.97)

Buy 1 Revlon Nail Color 4.79 (use $2 from All You or recent inserts)
Buy 1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste (use .75/1 from P&G insert)

use $4.49 RR from Crest. Spend $1.34, get $8.58 in Walgreens rebates

With my $2 from the free Glade Plug ins last week, I’ll have $21.55 coming to me in Walgreens rebates for spending $4.07. I will also get an addition $3.79 for the action scrubber. Total profit = $21.27

You CAN get paid to shop! 🙂 Happy shopping!