Tip of the Day Tuesday: It "pays" to be friends with your cashiers!

Over the past few years, I have learned that a little kindness goes a long way with cashiers at some of my favorite stores.  If you’ve had a string of “misadventures” in couponing, then you know that having a cashier who is your ally really does make a difference.

Here are a few things that I have done to build rapport with my cashiers:

Share your tips ~ If your cashier comments on your savings in a positive way (“Wow!  You did great!” or “I wish I could save money like that when I shop”) or seems like they are interested in learning more about coupons (“How did you do that?” or “I need to learn how to use coupons like that), share some of your tips with them!  I have been surprised to find out that many cashiers do not understand coupons and/or do not always know what the “hot deals” at their store are or how to take advantage of them.  I have given cashiers tips on coupon usage and links to websites if they seem interested in learning more about how to save.

Share your coupons ~ If your cashier comments on a particular deal, share your coupons if you have extras!  I remember once I was at CVS buying Adidas deodorant that was free after Extra Care bucks.  My cashier, who had been really friendly and helpful on several visits, commented that he had really been wanting to try the new deodorant.  I gave him one of my “free” coupons so he could get some to try.

Pick up a “manager’s special” item every now and then ~ Most stores have a “target” item that cashiers are supposed to upsell.  These items are usually up near the registers and are typically things such as crackers, gum, or candybars, but I have also seen toothbrushes, pocket kleenex, and other items.  The cashier will typically point out the item during your transaction and ask if you want to purchase it.  They usually get some sort of incentive for upselling these items.  If you need a filler item anyway, why not help out your favorite cashier?

How it “pays off”

I love helping others save, so I honestly haven’t had any “motives” in donig some of the things I mentioend above, but here are some ways that it has paid off for me:

*Cashiers that I have built relationships have been willing to “hold” hot items for me until I can come pick them up

*Cashiers that I have built relationships with have given me copies of ads before they are released so I get a “heads up” on upcoming deals

*Cashiers/managers will sometimes allow you to special order items when hot deals are coming up so you can make sure that they are not out of stock

Plus, there’s the added benefit of not getting “the evil eye” every time you pull out coupons to use!