The Princess & The Frog/Toy Story deal is not quite dead….

If you already took advantage of this deal yesterday (or you’re tired of hearing about this deal), feel free to skip this post (although there is some scoop about a few other noteworthy deals at the end you might want to check out).  Also, I plan to have my Target and Walgreens match-ups up this evening.  I just also have to go back to work tomorrow, so I’ve been trying to get in as much family time as I can before I go back.

If you were feeling bummed because you thought you had missed out on the Princess & The Frog/Toy Story deal that I posted about yesterday, you can still get in on the deal.  The prices aren’t quite as good because The Princess & The Frog is no longer on sale, but you can still get a decent price when all is said and done.  This will ONLY work through tomorrow (3/22) because the Toy Story movies come out on Tuesday (3/23) and will no longer be available for pre-order.

Here’s the breakdown if you want to buy The Princess & The Frog Blu Ray/DVD combo pack:

Buy The Princess & The Frog Blu Ray/DVD combo – $34.99

Pre-order Toy Story 1 & 2 (you will be charged a $5 deposit for each movie)

Total before coupons and discounts = $44.99

an instant $15 will be deducted for pre-ordering both Toy Story movies

$5 MAY be deducted for pre-ordering (this was a glitch and worked for me last night, but some people have reported it is no longer working)

use your $10 Princess & The Frog printable coupon

Total OOP (after coupons and discounts) = $19.99 (possibly $14.99 if the “glitch” is still working at your store)

Then, on Tuesday, follow the steps here for buying Toy Story 1 and 2.  You will be charged $16.99 per movie because you prepaid $5 for each movie already.  Use your two $10 upgrade coupons plus the $10 promotional instant discount and you end up paying $3.98 out of pocket for both movies.  Your total OOP for all three movies will be $23.97 (possibly $18.97 if the $5 glitch works at your store).  That’s just $7.99 per movie!

Don’t forget about these rebate offers which will make your out of pocket even less when all is said and done.  You can do two of the three rebate offers below:

*Buy 2 participating Band Aid products and the Princess and the Frog and get a $5 MIR!  You can get Band Aids for free or close to free at Target!

*Buy Disney’s Princess and the Frog and one or more rolls of FrogTape, get a $5 MIR!

*Buy 2 Success Rice products and Princess and the Frog, get a $5 MIR!  There was a $.50/1 Success Rice product coupon in the 1-31 RP insert (which should double if your stores double) and a $1/2 Success Rice product coupon in the 3-21 RP insert.

I’m guessing we’ll see more rebates pop up for the Toy Story movies, too, but that’s just pure speculation!

While you’re at Toys ‘R Us, here are a few other deals you may want to take advantage of:

*Hershey’s bagged Easter candy is $1.99 each.  There is a $2/3 Hersheys printable coupon on, so it’s like you get one bag for free when you buy 3 bags!  You pay $3.97 for all 3 bags.

*Johnson’s baby wipes are 3/$7 (through 3/25) – use the $1/1 Johnson’s baby product coupon from the 3-7 RP inserts and get 3/$4.  That’s not a bad deal if you need wipes! (this deal was in the BRU ad, not the TRU ad, but it had the TRU logo also)

*Little Tykes toys are Buy One, Get One Free!