Super cheap games at Toys ‘R Us!

I love November and Toys ‘R Us deals! The hot “offer” this week is the Hasbro games deal – spend $35 on Hasbro games, get a $10 Toys ‘R Us gift card! Plus, there is a rebate offer on select Hasbro games that goes along with this, too!

Here are the games listed in the ad: (ANY Hasbro games will count toward the deal)

$15 GAMES:
Cranium Hullabaloo
Cranium Playground
Cranium Scribblist

$10 GAMES:
Guess Who?
Mouse Trap
Sorry Sliders

Clue Junior
Monopoly Junior
R2-D2 Star Wars Trouble board game
Scrabble Junior

$5 GAMES: ($3 after MIR):

Ants in the Pants
Don’t Break the Ice
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Memory (assorted varieties)

$3 GAMES ($1 after MIR):
CandylandChutes & Ladders

Here’s one possible scenario:
Buy Ants in the Pants – $5
Buy Candyland – $3
Buy Chutes & Ladders – $3
Buy Don’t Break the Ice – $5
Buy High Ho Cherry-O – $5
Buy Memory – $5
Buy Trouble (regular version) – $10.99 (there is a $3 MIR for this)
Buy Chocolate Scrabble – free with purchase of Trouble (Big Toy Book promotion – read more about this here)

Spend $36.99 OOP, get a $10 TRU gift card – submit for $15 in rebates
Final Price = $11.99 after rebate/gift card (that’s just $1.50 per game!)

**Even if you don’t need these games, consider donating them to Toys For Toys, your child’s classroom, or another good cause!

The rebate forms were on a tear pad in front of the games at my store.  If you can’t find them at your store, be sure you ask at customer service. 

Here’s what is available on the rebate form: (this it the “regular” version of these games, not specialty versions unless otherwise noted)

$5 rebate:  Monopoly Streets video game (for Wii, Playstation 3, and XBox 360) and Family Game Night 3 (for Wii, Playstation 3, and XBox 360)

$3 rebate:  Battleship, Operation, Scrabble, Monpoly, Connect 4, Sorry, Trouble, Twister, Life, Bop It!, Bop it Bounce!, Cuponk, UBuild games, Guess Who?, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Elefun, Pop Goes Froggio

$2 rebate:  Memory (all versions), Hi Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders (all versions), Cootie, Candyland (all versions), Don’t Spill the Beans, Don’t Break the Ice, and Ants in the pants

NOTE:  You can only submit one rebate per household, and the rebate is valid through 12/31, so if you think you are going to buy more games, you may want to hang on to your receipts and rebate form.

There is also an in ad coupon for a free $10 Toys ‘R Us gift card when you spend $75 or moreThis can be combined with the Hasbro deal, so you may end up with $20 in gift cards!  Don’t forget to use your Rewards ‘R Us card to get 10% back on all your purchases this holiday season!!

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