Summer fun on a budget: season passes and city passes

Season passes – If you have a theme park in your area that your family enjoys, you may want to consider buying a season pass. Many parks offer season passes that are not much more than a day pass and once you have made the initial investment, your family can go over and over again so it makes a “cheap” day out.

Zoo memberships are another great investment. Many zoos offer “reciprocity” at other zoos when you purchase a membership which gives you free admission or heavy discounts. Check with your zoo to see if this is an option and if it is, it cuts down on sightseeing expenses if you go out of town, too!

City passes are another great option for cutting down on sightseeing expenses. They are currently available in 11 different areas and include a bundle of activities for about 50% off the regular price. For example, the Southern California City Pass includes: 3 day park hopper admission to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure as well as admission to Universal Studios, Sea World, and the San Diego zoo.

City passes are currently available for the following cities:
*New York
*San Francisco
*Southern California

You can get more information about what activities are included for each city pass or purchase one here.