Save more and win big at Randalls!

Last week, I posted about a hot deal that Randalls was having on Nabisco crackers here. I never did get to share the pictures, but I went early that morning to make sure I got my 10 boxes of crackers!

Each week, Randalls offers great 72 hour sale items in addition to other sale items and super coupons that can be found within their ad. Randalls has also just reduced their everyday prices on thousands of products including ice cream, cereal, frozen snacks, pet food, pizza, cheese, salad dressing, yogurt, and pasta.

To kick of this promotion, Randalls/Tom Thumb is partnering with local radio stations in Dallas, Austin, and Houston for a $1000 Giveaway!

Here’s how you can enter to win:

*Pick up your “I Play Tag and Save at Randalls” (or Tom Thumb depending on your city) car decal at checkout or customer service at your local store

*Display the decal on your car’s back window

*Next week (10/31-11/6 in Dallas and Houston and 11/1-11/7 in Austin), radio stations will be visiting a different Randalls/Tom Thumb Store each day to spot a $1000 winner.

Someone asked me just the other day where I get the best deals on meat, and I told them that I have had the best luck with Randalls, but I didn’t realize at that time (so I’m guessing that some of you don’t know this either) – if you are not completely satisfied with your Rancher’s Reserve beef or fresh produce purchases at Randalls, they will refund your money AND replace the item!