Possible free Papa Murphy’s pizza! (Plum District Deal)

Plum District (another “daily deals” site like Groupon) will be offering a $10 Papa Murphy’s gift card for just $5 starting Monday, January 24th (I’m not sure if it will go live at midnight or later in the morning).  Papa Murphy’s has confirmed this on their Facebook page!Rumor has it that there will only by 10,000 gift cards available, so these will go quickly!

Here’s how you can take advantage of this deal when it goes live:

1.  Make sure you are registered for Plum District (if you’re not, you’ll get $5 in “”Plum Dollars” when you sign up here)

2.  Log into your Plum District account and click on ‘Today’s Plum Deal’ (the current deal ends at midnight central time, so that may be when the new deal goes “live”)

3.  Click on the purple “Buy” button to buy the deal!

To find a Papa Murphy’s location near you, click here.

Don’t forget to tell your friendsYour friends get $5 in “Plum Dollars” when you refer them and you get $10!  If we can use the $5 referral bonus on this deal, it will mean a $10 gift card for free!

ETA:  It looks like you can’t get the $5 Plum Dollars for this deal because it’s considered a “Plum Steal” rather than a “Plum Deal.”

Here’s some more info on this from their site:

What is the difference between a Plum Deal and a Plum Steal?
Plum Deals are the amazing offers we feature every day from local merchants. Plum Steals are our occasional “Oh no they didn’t!” discounts on your favorite major brands and well-established companies. Also, unlike Plum Deals, you cannot use or earn Plum Dollars on a Plum Steal.

Why can’t I use Plum Dollars when purchasing a Plum Steal?
We promise you won’t find savings like these anywhere else, and because Plum Steals are already such exclusive offers we are not able to provide them at a further discount.

Why can’t I earn Plum Dollars for referring a Plum Steal?
We feel that our Plum Steals are such amazing offers that we want to give our pre-existing subscribers first dibs. It’s our way of saying “Thank you for already being a subscriber.” We still want to thank you for spreading the word, so when you do refer a Plum Steal to a friend – regardless if they purchase it or not – their first Plum Deal purchase will earn you $10 Plum Dollars.

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