More Leap Frog Deals

I’m a huge fan of Leap Frog products. Their stuff holds up well and really “works.” The deal on the Tag Junior books that I posted about earlier appears to be “dead” (you can still get 25% off, but the books are all full price now).

You can get an additional 25% off plus free shipping on your order of $30 or more using the code DEC23 at check-out (this is valid on all books, games, and accessories through 1/14).

Plus, you can get an additional 3.5% cash back when you shop through Ebates!

Here are some more deals I found while browsing the site:

Get the Sing-Along Read-Along DVD & 12 Book Set for $7.49 after discount here
(you have to enter the code DEC23 to get the discount)

Motivate children to read on their own with 12 engaging music DVDs and matching books. Music videos bring the included stories to life through lively animation, songs and words on-screen. The 12 matching storybooks reinforce learning at home or on the go.

Get the Fridge Talk Magnetic Wordplay Recorder for $7.49 after discount here (you have to enter the code DEC23 to get the discount).

Show the words you know by recording and playing back big words, opposites, rhyming words and more. With three learning modes of play including over 15 word questions, 3 playful learning songs and silly free play. Recorder attaches securely to any magnetic surface. Insert photo of your child in order to personalize!

– Vocabulary skills
– Language skills
– Listening skills

Get the Fly Fusion Pentop Computer (ages 13+) for $7.49 after discount here (you have to enter the code DEC23 to get the discount)

The FLY Fusion Pentop Computer works only with FLY™ Paper. FLY paper and software sold separately. FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is not compatible with FLY 1.0 products.

When you write with the FLY Fusion™ Pentop Computer on FLY™ Paper, everything is automatically captured and digitized. You can then upload it to your PC and convert to a document. Touch your pentop computer to FLY Paper, and you can quiz yourself on history, get help with a quadratic equation, or even play your favorite MP3. And when you’re ready for new software, simply connect to your PC again to purchase and download custom homework and gaming applications directly to your FLY Fusion Pentop Computer.

Finally, technology designed for your Life, School, Music and Fun! This is Pentop Computing, the next generation of high-speed digital processing, developed to deliver high-speed homework help – in the palm of your hand.

What you get:
• FLY Fusion™ Pentop Computer
• FLY Fusion™ Notebook
• 13 FLY Fusion Games
• MP3 Player
• Memory Expansion Slot
• FLY Fusion Installation CD
• FLY World™ Application
• Rechargeable Battery
• USB Cable
• Quick Start Guide
• Reference Card