More Gymboree markdowns!

Not that anyone NEEDS more kid clothing after the great Old Navy sale, The Children’s Place monster sale, and redeeming Gymbucks, but….Gymboree did a bunch of really great markdowns that just started today (SO HURRY!)

In Kid Girl, they have marked down several of the “Happy Rainbow” items to $4.99 (Including jeans!) I bought a size up for next year and was able to get two pairs of pants and 4 shirts for $14.05 shipped (I did use my Gymboree gift card to pay for part of it….if you frequent Gymboree and haven’t checked out their Visa card yet, it’s great!)

In Baby Boy and Kid Boy, they have denim jeans and cargo pants marked down to $4.99 and several other items that have been marked down!

If you’re interested in getting a Gymboree Visa, e-mail me and I can refer you (my e-mail address is in the upper left corner of the blog). You will get a $20 enrollment bonus (the regular enrollment bonus is $10). With your Gymboree Visa, you can get 5% off any of your Gymboree purchases (even during Gymbucks redemption – this is the ONLY discount you can use during Gymbucks redemption) and you earn 1% back in the form of gift cards from all other purchases. I earned $240 in Gymboree gift cards last year, which basically pays for my kids clothes (combined with 20% off coupons and Gymbucks, of course!) There is no annual fee for this card.

MY DISCLAIMER: I only recommend getting the Gymboree Visa if you intend to pay it off IN FULL every month!

You can find other great deals for the week all in one spot here.