Kabongo = free educational online games for kids!

I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old and they love to play online!  I love it when I can find sites that are both educational and fun for them, too!  Kabongo is a new site geared toward children ages 4 through 7. I let both of my kids try it and it was a hit!  The best part is that it’s COMPLETELY free!  There is no subscription required, either!

Each child can create their own profile character and then there are various “learning habitats” with different activities that address skills such as memory, comprehension, and attention.  (Too bad it doesn’t have a way to address taking turns – my kids have been fighting over who gets to play next!)  Your child will work through the different skill levels and will earn prizes as they do.  As the parent, you create the main profile and have the ability to monitor your child’s activity and view progress reports.  They also have free printable coloring pages, mazes, and other activities!  There are also suggested activities for parents so that you can work on the skills using “real life activities” at home!

You can check out Kabongo for yourself here! Let me know what your kids think!

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