Get a free AMC movie ticket!

Be one of the first 200,000 people to sign up and become a fan of “Be Our Movie Critic” on Facebook, and get a free movie ticket to AMC theaters. The group is not directly affiliated with AMC but is reportedly offering the tickets to their fans in exchange for a review on their site. Reportedly, between February 25 and March 7, they will send out the tickets to those who are “eligible.”

As I post this, I need to add my own personal disclaimer. I have to admit that I’m a bit skeptical. Typically when I first hear about a “deal” I will wait until I try it myself or get more information from people to make sure it really “works.” I did sign up to become a fan, but since this is a time sensitive offer, I figured I’d go ahead and post it. I figured I didn’t have much to lose if it doesn’t work out and to be honest, I won’t be incredibly surprised (or disappointed) if I don’t get a ticket. This offer seems a bit fishy because the “fan” page lacks information about the actual company and the fan page was just created. Plus, there aren’t that many fans (1,837 at the time that I signed up) and once these deals hit message boards and blogs, they seem to spread like wildfire.

So, I guess, sign up at your own “risk” and maybe we’ll all be surprised in a month and get tickets! Or, maybe this is all just an experiment in social networking 🙂

Check out this article for more information on sifting between the legitimate and “fake” online deals:

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