FREE Diabetic Cookbook: Over 60 recipes, 10 carbs or less!

We have a pretty significant family history for diabetes, so I have really been trying to watch what we eat. Right now, you can download this diabetic cookbook for FREE here!  There are several recipes I’m looking forward to trying. All of them have 10 carbs or less, so even if you are just trying to lose weight or lower your carb intake, this is definitely worth checking out!

Here are a few I’m going to check out:

-Black Pepper Citrus Chicken

-Lemon Baked Chicken

-Low Carb Beef Stroganoff

-Pepper Lime Chicken

-Pork loin with Garlic Cream Sauce

-Savory Italian Grilled Chicken

-Taste of Summer Chicken

Get your free cookbook here.  Please note – you will be presented with about 10 different “offers” before you can accept the cookbook.  You can click “No thanks” and just skip through these if you are not interested.  You will still get the cookbook at the end.

What recipes are you going to check out?

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