CVS scenarios for this week

Before I post some of my scenarios, here is my CVS tip for the day – if your store has the price check scanners, they usually will also print coupons. Stop at the scanner and scan your card when you first go into the store because it will print CVS coupons that often match up with deals for the week.

*Remember that CVS coupons can be used WITH manufacturer’s coupons! 🙂

Happy shopping!

SCENARIO #1: (I did this last night using a 3/15 CVS coupon)

*Buy Breeze 2 monitor – $14.99 (earns $10 ECB)
*Buy Gatorade 2/$8 (earns $2 ECB)

Used $3/15 CVS and up to $30 off Breeze 2 monitor (making it free)

I spent $5 and got $12 in ECB

If you don’t have a need for the blood glucose monitors and don’t know anyone who needs one, there are often free clinics in your area that will accept donations or check with your OB/GYN – they can often give them to women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.


*Buy Centrum Cardio – $9.99 (earns $4 ECB)
*Buy Glaceau Vitamin water – $2.29 (earns $2.29 ECB)
*Buy Speedstick deodorant – $1.99 (earns $1 ECB)
*Buy Colgate toothbrush – $.99

Used $3/15 CVS coupon, used $3 Centrum coupon, used $1 deodorant coupon, used $1 Colgate coupon, used $1 Colgate toothbrush CVS CRT

Spend $6.26 (plus tax), earn $7.29 (I also have the TMF form for the Centrum, so I will get a $9.99 rebate)


*Buy Always Infinity paids – $4.98 (earns $4.98 ECB)
*Buy Bic Soleil razor – $5.99 (earns $4 ECB)
*Buy 2 Colgate Max toothpaste – $2.99/each – $5.98 total (earns $4 ECB)
*Buy CVS hand sanitizer – $1.99 (earns $1 ECB)

Use $3 Bic Soleil razor coupon, 2 $1 Colgate toothpaste coupon, $1 Colgate CVS CRT

Spend: $12.94, get $13.98

It is possible to gain or maintain your ECBs without the $/$ CVS coupons. It just takes some creativity 🙂