Attention K-Mart Shoppers: BOGO free Leapster games!

I don’t have K-Mart stores in my area, but I know that some of my readers have e-mailed me to ask about K-Mart deals, so if you have a K-Mart in your area, I thought I’d give you a heads up that Leapster games are Buy one, Get one Free now through February 8th!

Online, it looks like the prices start at $24.99, but they may be different in the stores.

Print out the $5 coupons here (click on Entertainment on the left) and save big!

Here’s how it works:

Buy 2 Leapster games – $24.99/each
Get $24.99 deducted (free game) Use 2 $5 printable coupons – $10

Spend $14.99 out of pocket for two games (that’s $7.49 per game!)

(Thanks Tabitha!)