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In anticipation of more great Amazon holiday deals this year, I have been cashing out for gift cards from the various survey sites that I belong to so that I can make sure to get all of the codes added to my account.  I just cashed out for $35 in Amazon codes from My Survey today and they were in my inbox within minutes. 

With My Survey, you earn points for completing surveys.  They will send you a short screener, which is usually worth 5-30 points and then, if you qualify for the actual survey, it is usually worth anywhere from 150-400 points.  I have also done product testing for them for everything from cleaning products to diapers.

You can “cash out” your points for a check (in $10 increments), merchandise, or gift cards.  Some of the gift cards that they offer are:  Amazon, Paypal, CVS, and Bath and Body Works.  They also offer gift cards for restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, and Cracker Barrel.

I have been doing surveys for My Survey for six years now and they are a great, reputable company to work with.  If you haven’t signed up with them already, you can check them out here!

If you are looking for other reputable survey sites that pay, make sure you check out:

Opinion Outpost

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